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Apex Legends Review: Stay Alive in A Battle Royale

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Apex Legends is an online shooter created by American Respawn Entertainment and published by EA. The game came out in 2019. It is available for PCs and consoles. Apex Legends is very popular among gamers, as millions of players across the world have already joined it. 

Choose your team

One of the greatest features you have when playing Apex Legends is the opportunity to create your own team to lead it through the following combats. You can choose your character and combine his or her skill with the other team members. Your future success depends on how creative you will be during this preparation period.

Apex Legends features

There are a variety of legends that you can choose from as your main protagonist. Each character has its own abilities that you need to consider in order to plan your future battles. You will have to build your crew, as we have previously mentioned. The abilities of the character, as well as the skills of the crew, will be useful during evolving missions.

There are also some loots comprising various types of weapons, respawn beacons, smart comms, and many other useful things. The game offers some extra content that you can find and download from the Origin official website after purchasing it. 

Apex Legends offers only unlimited opportunities to plan your battles. You can choose from a variety of ways of killing enemies. However, you should bear in mind that the opponents are also smart and do their best to kill you. Never forget about defense, even if you are planning an attack on your enemies' positions.

Graphics and controls

Playing Apex Legends will please both your mind (for the ability to plan various strategies) and your eyes (for the great picture you will see there). The game includes plenty of landscapes that will make your heart stop while looking at them! With this in mind, you shouldn't forget about the system requirements. They are not even average. Check them before you start the game.

You can use a keyboard and mouse as well as gamepads to control your character during the battles. The game offers various settings to make your gaming experience even better.

Worth a replay?

The game has very high replay value. There are plenty of team combinations and in-game events that you will be able to change by restarting the Apex Legends.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 4

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